Jason Deglint

I love to build ...

AI products

AI is changing the way we live, and I believe we can use AI to move humanity forward.

I love to build AI products that transform people’s lives in a positive way.

complementary teams

I believe in the human potential to do good, and that by bringing the right people together we can each reach our full potential and make the impossible real.

I love to learn what others are naturally gifted at, and then tap into these strengths to build and lead teams to accomplish a shared vision.

tech companies

I believe in the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. 

My vision is to use technology to improve people's lives all around the world, while simultaneously doing good on our planet, all while building profitable companies.

Core Skills

I’m a business leader that understands machine learning technology.

Machine Learning

Business Leadership

Public Speaking

Product Management

Data-Driving Decision Making

Customer Discovery

Team Building

Clear Communication

Engineering Design

Go-to-market Strategy


Bringing Realtime AI to Ultrasound Machines

WaveBase is transforming critical care by seamlessly integrating AI with any ultrasound device, enabling faster, more accurate diagnosis of life-threatening conditions. By providing clinicians with instant insights at the bedside, WaveBase is streamlining workflows, and accelerating AI innovation in medical imaging, all with the goal to improve patient outcomes. Validated in peer-reviewed research, WaveBase's technology has the potential to revolutionize the standard of care on a global scale and empower frontline clinicians to make better decisions when every second counts.

AI-Powered Home Security System

MaViS (Machine Vision Security) is an AI-powered home security system that provides 24/7 intelligent monitoring, real-time alerts, and visual evidence of human presence on your property. Leveraging edge AI processing with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano and AWS cloud integration, MaViS offers fast, reliable, and private threat detection to keep your home safe and secure. As an open source project recognized as NVIDIA's Jetson Project of the Month, MaViS demonstrates the potential of edge AI and deep learning to revolutionize residential security and build safer communities.

Using AI for Cardiovascular Research

MAUI (Measurements from Arterial Ultrasound Imaging) revolutionizes cardiovascular research by automating arterial ultrasound analysis. Born from my MASc research, this cutting-edge software uses computer vision to accurately track arterial walls, measure key parameters, and eliminate human error. MAUI streamlines workflows, ensures consistency, and opens new avenues for vascular research. From flow-mediated dilation to novel hemodynamic investigations, MAUI is improving our understanding of cardiovascular health and paving the way for improved patient care.


Ahmed Gawish
Computer Vision Engineer
"I have worked with Jason for over a decade on various computer vision projects at different companies including Christie Digital, Hedgehog Medical and WaveBase. The one thing that has impressed me most is that while lots of people have ideas, Jason actually turns ideas into reality. I believe that this is because at his core Jason is a business leader that deeply understands machine learning systems. Jason excels at making great teams and then keeping the team spirit alive. He is also great at planning ahead and is a strategic thinker that can connect the dots in ways other people can’t. All this results in projects that are completed on time and that exceed expectations. Jason's integrity, reliability, and dedication to excellence are truly inspiring. I highly recommend him for any role requiring strong project management and critical thinking skills that relate to end users and technical products."
May 2024
Osose Itua
Founder & CEO
"I had the privilege of being mentored by Jason for the last 4 months through the NEXT Canada program, during which he provided me with extremely useful guidance and support as I navigated creating a startup. Jason always made time to meet even when his schedule was full. During our meetings he brought clarity on the big picture by helping me develop my personal goals and business objectives, as well as provided constructive feedback and guidance on everyday tasks such as drafting emails, formulating questions for customer discovery, and creating an impactful pitch. He was instrumental in getting me to where I am in my business, and I am so grateful for all his help!"
September 2022
JuAn Park
Machine Learning Engineer
"I had the pleasure of working closely with Jason during my time at Blue Lion as a Machine Learning Engineer. Jason has demonstrated strong capabilities in all the different roles he worked in (as is often required in a startup). As the CEO, Jason exhibits strong transformational and servant leadership qualities, and creates a positive, productive, and high growth team environment. As a product manager, Jason has a strong ownership mindset and communicates clearly with stakeholders and teammates to define an effective product vision. He is also a strategic thinker, who is able to estimate a realistic product roadmap, and identify relevant tasks required to bring a product to market. As a fellow machine learning engineer, Jason employs a pragmatic mindset and has strong attention to detail. He also keeps up-to-date with the latest ML state-of-the-art technologies and practices. As a colleague, he is a highly collaborative, hard-working, and respectful team player. Overall, Jason is a demonstrated leader who strives to bring success in all parts of his work, and it has been a blast working with him."
December 2021
Sylvia Phan
"I worked with Blue Lion over the summer and it was an amazing growing experience. Jason is passionate, knowledgeable, and extremely driven to grow the company. It takes a certain person and personality to be able to run a business as well as Jason is doing. He is a strong leader who kept the team focused on producing results and reaching the company's mission, vision, and goals. He is prompt with his responses and very quick to help a team member when needed. Jason allowed me to grow and provided amazing mentorship to a student fresh out of undergrad and I am forever grateful for the opportunity he provided."
September 2020
Ritu Shah
Product Design Engineer
"Jason was my teaching assistant for SYDE 361 (Engineering Design). He acted as a mentor and supervisor to my group as we went through an iterative design process and created a functional prototype of our product. Jason went above and beyond as a TA. He was very approachable, and always ensured he acted like a member of our team instead of a supervisor. He gave both strong technical and business advice, while easily explaining concepts that were directed to our level of understanding. He supported us beyond his job title through encouraging my team to push further when reaching roadblocks, sending videos after class that pertained to our project, adding humour to all our group meetings, and more. He was always prepared for class, and stayed as long as needed for all groups to consult with him. Jason was one of the best teaching assistants I’ve worked with, and has been a true source of motivation for my group."
July 2016
Jennifer Busler
Innovation Seaspan Shipyards
"During Jason's eight month coop work-term at MDA, he was an enthusiastic team member who was keen to expand his knowledge and understanding of image and space related technologies. His enthusiasm and hard-work allowed him to quickly bridge knowledge gaps in two new domains and develop the necessary software skills to become a valued and productive member of the R&D group. He expertly handled the challenge of transitioning onto two teams mid-project and his organizational skills allowed him to navigate and manage his time between projects. Jason is a conscientious team-player who takes pride in his work, strives to develop new skills and knowledge and take on complex engineering tasks."
January 2014
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